8 Tips to Help Develop Your Creativity

When asked, who do you think is a creative person, most people will spout off the name of a famous artist.  Which, I believe is more of a generated response of expectation.  However, throughout our day we are constantly running across the path of people who are creative, a florist, an actor, poet, musician, dancer, painter, mathematician, scientist, chef, cooks, writers, the list goes on. Continue reading

8 tips on Developing Customer Loyalty

In the fast-paced, topsy-turvy market we have all come to realize that competition is really fierce. You have worked really hard on building your business, developing new clients and pursuing the latest technology to develop your product line.

Yet, quietly, without notice, one-by –one you begin to lose your clients. You justify it as just attrition.  However, the bleeding continues and the question why is never posed. Stop, take a breath and ask yourself: Continue reading