5 Essential Elements for Your Mobile Website

So you did your research and you understand the importance of building a mobile website.  That’s great.  You are truly ahead of the game when it comes to the world of Internet marketing.  Now you need to know how to build the most effective mobile website possible . . . and, no, it is not nearly the same as building a traditional site.  A mobile website is a new brand of site, and it involves a unique set of considerations.  Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

If you are responsible for marketing your business, then there’s no doubt you are aware of just how important it is that you have a strong presence on the Internet.  There are many ways of developing this presence, from social media sites to blogs, and you should be taking advantage of all of them.  One of the latest, most effective ways of taking full advantage of the world wide web’s marketing potential is by using a mobile website.  A mobile website is just what it sounds like – a website specifically designed to be viewed on mobile devices.  So, why does your business need a mobile website if its traditional site is doing just fine?  Here are five compelling reasons why: Continue reading