Color schemes and the role they play in your brand

While working out in the gym a couple of days ago I came across an interesting dilemma – the Nickelodeon channel. My routine usually consists of plugging in my mp3 player and playing my workout list, which consists of upbeat rock-n-roll tunes. I then settle in to view the 3 flat screen TVs directly in front of me, reading the captions of which ever screen that catches my eye.

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Graphic Design and How to Drive your Graphic Designer Crazy!!!

Back before the internet was a gleam in Al Gore’s eye, life as a graphic artist was pretty calm; busy, but the design process was pretty straight forward. Whether your marketing needs were for a magazine layout, a direct mail piece or a brochure, the design process was the same, create the marketing piece at 300 PPI and send it out for proofing.

Sure there were challenges; monitors and software were not what they are today. To send a proof to a client, the design would be put on disk, dropped into an envelope, along with a print  and a Pantone color swatch, and then sent overnight by FedEx. Continue reading