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Social Media Time Management

social-mediaMost small businesses owners that I talk to, invariably get to this question. They know they need to get involved in social media, but don’t know if the effort is really worth the effort. These marketers wear too many hats as it is, adding one more just seems like too much. Yet, 90% of these marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner believe Social media is important.

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Have a Merry Christmas. What does that mean to you?

As the year progresses to this magical holiday season, we realize that each individual takes a different path to get here. We struggle through the year to make ends meet, to supply for our friends and family. With a year wrought with so much uncertainty, we push forward in our businesses and silently watch other businesses around us shut the doors on their dreams and aspirations. Continue reading

How to Read a QR Code

QR Codes are Showing Up Everywhere These DaysWhat are those things? They are everywhere. What do I do with it?

Those things are called a “Quick Response” code, or QR code. It is a two-dimensional bar code that was first introduced in 1994 by the Nippondenso Company of Japan. It was developed with the major objective of making the process of reading codes easier by scanner equipment. Continue reading

How to Blog: Blog Tips to Help You Become an Effective Blogger

Don’t just sit there….

So, there you are. sitting at your computer, staring blankly at the screen.  Sweat begins to roll down your temples. You blink, “got nothin”. You frown and wonder, “What the hell do I write about?” You have heard all the rhetoric about how you should be blogging. You relented and had WordPress installed on your website. So, here you sit. Thoughts run through your mind. Unfortunately, they aren’t the type of thoughts that you want your readers to see.

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Getting Started With a Self-Hosted Blog

So, I have covered why you should be blogging and How to get started blogging with hosted blogs. Finally, I would like to discuss which of the two biggies you should consider if you want to blog for your business.

Self-hosted blogs or Non-hosted blogs are blogs that are hosted on your own Website.

A non-hosted blog gives you the ability to integrate your blog into your existing website, giving you complete control over your content. Although there are several options out there, I will cover just two, WordPress and MovableType.  Below is a diagram from that will give you a quick overview of which blog platforms (and CMS) are the most popular among the top 100 blogs.

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Facebook’s Plans to Take Over a Double Edged Sword?

Facebook rolled out its new game plan at its F8 conference on Wednesday. They are looking to increase their presence on the internet. And after giving their moves a lot of thought I have to wonder if they aren’t playing with a double edge sword.

Facebook made three major announcements that will make it easier to connect third-party Web sites that adopt the firm’s new “open-graph protocol.”

The ramifications of this bold step, like a double-edge sword, can cut deep. Businesses can take advantage of this technology to grow its fan base, but will this mean that we will be inundated with more sales pitches? And the availability of abuse can cut even deeper.

But wait, there’s more