Social Media Time Management

social-mediaMost small businesses owners that I talk to, invariably get to this question. They know they need to get involved in social media, but don’t know if the effort is really worth the effort. These marketers wear too many hats as it is, adding one more just seems like too much. Yet, 90% of these marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner believe Social media is important.

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Keep your friends close and SVG even closer


Sun-tzu, aChinese general & military strategist (~400 BC,) coined the oft-used expressionKeep your friends close and your enemies even closer. “ If he were alive today he would probably alter that quote to “Keep your friends close and SVG even closer.”

I am always looking for the next “thing.” Generally, when I run across technology in its infancy stage, I take a long look at it and come to the conclusion that it isn’t for me. Sometime later, I will discover that the software is now an important part of the landscape.

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What is a Landing Page?

skydiverHave you ever watched, with fascination, as a skydiver comes flying in from above and lands on the 50 yard line of a filled football stadium? It’s truly amazing. My first question is how do they do it?

Jack Baumgartner spent two and a half hours riding a balloon 128,000 feet into the stratosphere and jumped. More than four minutes later, Baumgartner opened his parachute and amazingly landed just feet from where a camera crew was waiting for him.

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Looking for Customers? Think About Tradeshows

tradeshowTrade Shows are essential to your business growth. These events are great opportunities to meet new customers and suppliers and to understand consumers’ needs.

Nevertheless, organizing such fairs can be very complicated and tricky, especially if you do not have much experience in this field.

The key to success is very simple: organization.

In this article I will share with you 6 key items you might need to organize your event.

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Smartphones: from Single to Multi-screen Users

Multi-screen usersWe are witnessing the proliferation of the mobile market with smartphones and it is having a direct effect on how we consume our media. While TV continues to dominate the media and smartphones are dominating the internet we are witnessing consumers moving to multiple screens to connect to for their data.

TV viewing habits are rapidly crisscrossing platforms and revealing the evolution of the Multi-Screen consumer. I find myself constantly going between my smartphone and my desktop when I need more clarification or have a form to fill out. At night, I will have my tablet with me, where I can view something more interesting than what is currently on TV.

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Are QR Codes dead?

“I thought QR Codes were dead!”
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How to Easily add Facebook Posts to Pinterest

Have you ever ran across an image or post that you wanted to post to Pinterest, but ran across some type of error message ? It is because Pinterest does not like you pinning from Facebook. Since my profession as a graphic designer affords me all the tools necessary to copy, size, create and pin anything on Pinterest, it is a little easier to get those pesky images from Facebook onto Pinterest. Continue reading